Eagle County resident charged with cocaine distribution | Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

The Denver Post is reporting that Charles Guadalupe was arrested on drug charges.  Guadalupe, 45, who lives on Davos Trail in Vail, has been charged with two counts of distribution of cocaine and two counts of possession of cocaine.  The arrest is the result of an investigation where undercover officers purchased $500 worth of cocaine from Guadalupe.  He did not hire an attorney from 5280defense.com.

Colorado man indicted in $3.5 million dollar embezzlement scheme | Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

The Houston Chronicle is reporting that Christopher McCullough of Frederic, Colorado, was indicted for embezzling $3.5 million from LJA Engineering. McCullough, 47, was the CFO of the Houston based engineering firm in 2005 and 2006. The seven count indictment charges McCullough with spending the stolen funds on stock purchases, and homes in Houston and Estes Park, Colorado. He faces up to 10 years and a $250,000 fine on each count.  McCullough did not hire an attorney from 5280defense.com.

Jeffrey Skilling to receive new trial? | Denver White Collar Law

The St. Petersburg Times is reporting that former Enron executive Jeffrey Skilling may receive a new trial.  Skilling is currently appealing the constitutional validity of his criminal conviction to the United States Supreme Court.  Skilling was convicted in 2006 on 19 counts of conspiracy, securities fraud, insider trading and lying to auditors.  He is serving a sentence of more than 24 years.  He did not hire an attorney from 5280defense.com.


What is the punishment for theft? | Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

Punishment ranges for theft can be confusing, and are directly linked to the value of the property you are accused of stealing.  Value is determined by retail value or sales price of the item.

Value Class Incarceration Parole Fine
Less than $500.00 Class 2 Misdemeanor 3 months – 12 months None $250 – $1,000
$500.00 – $999.99 Class 1 Misdemeanor 6 months – 18 months None $500 – 5,000
$1,000.00 – $19,999.99 Class 4 Felony 2 – 6 years 3 year of parole $2,000 – $500,000
$20,000.00 + Class 3 Felony 4 – 12 years 5 year of parole $3,000 – $750,000

White Collar Crime & Fraud | Denver Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Almost everyone has now heard about Bernie Madoff and his massive ponzi scheme.  This has made investigating and prosecuting white collar crime and fraud a priority of the Department of Justice.  New prosecutors and federal agents are being trained to investigate and prosecute offenders.  This presents the perfect storm where innocent people will be caught in the middle of overly aggressive investigations and prosecutions.  You need an attorney with training and experience to handle your case.

Bank Fraud

Securities Fraud

Accounting Fraud

Corporate Internal Investigations

Securities & Exchange Commission Investigations

Commodities Fraud

Market Manipulation

Wire Fraud

Mail Fraud

Bank Fraud

Mortgage Fraud

Tax Fraud

Medicare / Medicaid Fraud

Money Laundering