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Most everyone has an opinion on whether drugs should be legalized.  But the bottom line is there are drugs that are currently illegal and there are drugs that are illegal to possess without a prescription.  Things become even more difficult to understand when state and federal laws conflict with each other.  For example, the State of Colorado has made it legal to purchase marijuana from a medical marijuana distributor; however, federal statutes remain unchanged.

Federal Drug Charges

Unlawful Use of a Controlled Substance

Distribution, Manufacture, Dispensing, Sale or Possession

Marijuana Offenses

Medical Marijuana

Money Laundering


Meth Labs

Meth Precursor Drugs

Abusing Toxic Vapors

Prescription Drugs

What is the impact of a drug charge?

Are all drug charges treated the same way?

How are drugs classified and which are the most serious?

Can I lose my drivers license?

What is drug court?

If I don’t want to fight the charge, is jail the only option?

At the Law Offices of ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ, we understand how this crime can affect your life and will fight to help you to maintain your dignity.

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