Trial over Thanksgiving Day standoff ends with conviction for Denver man

The Sky-Hi News is reporting that a Grand County jury has found Brian Wilson guilty on all 24 charges stemming from a 2008 Thanksgiving Day standoff with police in Winter Park.  He has now been convicted on 5 counts of attempted murder with deliberate indifference, 6 counts of felony menacing, 2 counts of obstructing police, 3 counts of prohibited use of a weapon, obstructing a highway, driving under the influence and DUI per se.  More significantly, Wilson was convicted on 5 counts of committing a crime of violence, which will enhance the penalties for the attempted murder charges.

Wilson, 53, of Denver, faces 16 – 24 years in prison on each attempted murder count.

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Teenagers rob Good Samaritan, strike in head with hammer | Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

The Denver Post is reporting that three Colorado Springs teenagers are being held in connection with the aggravated robbery of a 35 year-old woman. The incident occurred on Saturday in Colorado Springs. 

The teens, a 17 year-old boy, 14 year-old girl, and 12 year-old girl convinced the Good Samaritan to give them a ride to an apartment complex.  When they arrived, the trio coaxed the woman out of the car.  They then struck the Good Samaritan in the head with a hammer multiple times.  She fell to the ground and the attack continued with kicks to her body.  The trio fled in the victim’s vehicle.

The Good Samaritan quickly reported the incident.  Police recovered the vehicle, arrested all three teens, and located a hammer within the boy’s possession.

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Boulder transient attacks mother holding young child | Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

The Denver Post is reporting that 23-year-old Richard Kenneth Foster is being held in connection with a weekend assault.  A Boulder police spokesperson confirmed that Foster, a transient, became enraged and yelled and screamed at a local family.  He then struck the mother with a glass bottle while she was holding her 1-year-old son.  When confronted by police, Foster became very combative and even spit at the arresting officers.  Foster did not hire an attorney from

Denise Richards to be added as witness in case against Charlie Sheen | Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

Sawf News is reporting that Denise Richards may testify against her ex-husband, Charlie Sheen.  She is expected to recount alleged physical abuse Sheen inflicted upon her during their volatile marriage.

Sheen and Richards were married for four years.  The pair went through a very public and bitter divorce in 2006.  They have two children together.

Pitkin County District Attorney has charged Sheen with third-degree assault and criminal mischief, stemming from a Christmas day melee.  The fight was between Sheen and his current wife, Brooke Mueller.

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If I do not want to fight the charge, is jail the only option? | Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

No, there are many options available.  Depending on your criminal background, employment history, and references, you may be eligible for a variety of sentencing options.

This was self-defense…what now? | Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

Self-defense is a common defense to most assaults.  If applied correctly, it can be very successful.  This requires a professional who understands the facts of your particular case.  Call the Law Offices of ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ today for a free consultation.  Let us tell your side of the story so that the prosecution understands what really happened.

I’m innocent, but I just want to resolve this quickly and quietly. | Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

Facing this type of crime prevents you from qualifying for deferred prosecution, and requires enrollment and attendance in specific treatments.  Even if you are granted probation or deferred sentencing, you will not be allowed to live in your own home if your accuser still resides there.

I own my house (or hold the lease), so I should not have to go. | Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

The law does not care who holds the keys to the house, only that the accuser is safe.  This law fails to take into account whether the accusation is true.  Obviously, the results can wreak havoc on your life.

The judge can make you move out of your own house while the case is pending, even if you are innocent of all charges!  Even if you receive probation or deferred sentencing, you will not be able to move home if the accuser is still there.  It is very important that you contact our office today so we can begin fighting for your rights.

I didn’t even touch my accuser. How is this domestic violence? | Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

The domestic violence law in Colorado is broad.  It includes a crime against the person, property, or even animals belonging to your accuser.  This extends to situations where you’re accused of doing things to coerce, control, punish, intimidate or seek revenge against your accuser.

I did not do what they’re saying—this is all a lie! | Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

The law is quick to act, and takes a “shoot first, ask questions later” approach to separating individuals believed to be in a domestic violence situation.  The police and prosecutors are quickly building a case based upon the information they received from the accuser.  This means that you must act quickly to make the truth known to the authorities.  Do not do this alone!