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Being charged with and convicted of assault can have a dramatic impact on your life.  You may experience the shame and embarrassment of having to explain this to family, friends and co-workers.  This is a very serious charge, which could result in a felony conviction.  Consequences of a felony conviction are:

  • Loss of right to vote
  • Loss of right to purchase and possess a firearm
  • Loss of job
  • Inability to find an apartment
  • Distrust amongst those closest to you.

At the Law Offices of ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ, we understand how this crime can affect your life and will fight to help you to maintain your dignity.

Assault / Armed Assault

Domestic Violence


Criminal Extortion / Aggravated Extortion

Reckless Endangerment

Assault of Elderly or Disabled Person


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